Shirking responsibility

I recently came across an article in the Galway Independent in which the president of the GMIT Students’ Union was complaining about promotions that were being run by nightclubs, pubs and off-licences in Galway to coincide with an unofficial ‘RAG Week’ that was occurring in the city. It was “grossly irresponsible” said GMIT SU president Sam O’Neill, for these outlets […]

The Rest of the Time

The Rest of the Time Warm cheeks, relaxed, Worries take the back seat The sporadic burstsAnd sustained intoxication There are times,When we ask the important questions The rest of the timeWe are too busy. Just too fucking busy. Ryan Kelly – 15.01.13

Parity of Esteem? No Surrender!

Shards of broken glass lay strewn across the floor and the baying mob thronged outside the door. The vicious barking of expletives filtered through the sound of alarms and then came the shrill, maniacal cry of “No Surrender!”  The fallout of the decision by Belfast City Council to only fly the British flag from the council building on designated days, […]

After watching Derry City’s 1-1 draw against Shelbourne yesterday afternoon, here are a few thoughts that came to mind. Rory’s Return  Source Rory Patterson played 70 minutes for Derry City against Shelbourne upon returning from injury. It was his first competitive game in quite a while – the striker had remarkably not played since the 3-0 home loss against Drogheda […]

What can we learn from Alex Bruce?

“I’m very flattered,” he gushed about being wanted by two international teams. “But I think I’m going to pick the Republic[of Ireland] purely because I think they are a better team. That’s no disrespect to Northern Ireland.” So said 21-year-old Alex Bruce in 2006. Five under-21 caps, one “B” cap and two senior caps later and in 2012, the same […]

My drum’s better than your drum

The leader of the British National Party (BNP) is stirring the pot again. This time, Nick Griffin’s abrasive remarks have been aimed at Irish republicans, or, as he calls them, “Fenian bastards”. After attending the Ulster Covenant march in Belfast yesterday, Saturday September 29 (a commemoration, one hastens to add, of an effective threat of violence way back in 1912), […]

WHEN Sunderland winger James McClean made the decision to play for the Football Association of Ireland (FAI) rather than the Irish Football Association (IFA)*, there was uproar. Zealous fans of the IFA decried what they saw as an indefensible, traitorous act. They judged him, levelling scurrilous and unfounded accusations towards the player, branding him a “Judas” and a bigot for […]

Like Arnie, I’m back.

A couple of months can sometimes seem like a long time. After several months flying under the radar, I intend to blog regularly in the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned.

YBIG Football Show with Eoin Hand

I’M somewhat late in posting about this, but I was on the You Boys in Green Football Show last week which featured former Ireland manager Eoin Hand. Presented by Dave O’Grady, it’s well worth a listen. Here’s the link: Enjoy

You Can’t Please Everyone

MUCH has been made of the FAI’s decision to oblige a request to wear black armbands during the Euro 2012 fixture against Italy on June 18th. To re-cap, the FAI have agreed to wear black armbands to commemorate the victims of the Loughinisland massacre at the request of the bereaved. There is a rationale behind the request – the game […]