“We have not had a Northern Ireland player who has opted to play for the Republic of Ireland since I took over,” Michael O’Neill boasted, in a recent interview with the Sunday Times. “James McClean,” he said triumphantly, “was the last one.” O’Neill took the reins of the Northern Ireland team from a beleaguered Nigel Worthington in December 2011 following […]

In my previous blog post, I wrote about the fact that high-quality goals were commonplace in the League of Ireland and how they should be heavily utilised by clubs (and the league bosses/the FAI) as a promotional tool. Of course, that’s not a new idea – it’s hardly groundbreaking – but it bears repeating nonetheless. Indeed, over the weekend, one […]

An assault on the Irish people

I have lost count of how many of my peers have left Ireland in search of a brighter future. Childhood friends, work colleagues, people I met in college and relatives have all fled the emerald isle. Their reasons vary. The allure of a different, more fulfilling, lifestyle is, of course, a draw. Many flee in the hope that things might […]