A Match Made in Heaven

Estonia defeat Northern Ireland A chorus of joy rang out around Ireland as Zbigniew Boniek announced that Estonia would be Ireland’s opponents in the Euro 2012 Play Offs. Out of the four possible opponents, Estonia was viewed by many as the dream draw and it’s hard to disagree with the reasoning. However, many journalists and sports writers are already suggesting […]

It’s Not Over Yet

Berezovski receives a red card (Uefa) I came away from last night’s victory with a few thoughts amid the joy of having inched that bit closer to the European Championships. As is often the case, Ireland seemed to have that bit of luck and as usual, there was an edginess to the performance that would give even the most patient […]

Ongoing Eligibility Row? Where?

To describe the eligibility of Northern Ireland born Irish nationals in the context of association football as an ongoing issue is, quite simply, a falsehood, because it is not an ongoing issue. Indeed, as the Football Association of Ireland (FAI) said in a statement issued in response to the recent upsurge of speculation in the media, the decision reached by […]

All the King’s Men

Ireland U21 Team v Hungary Ireland under-21 boss Noel King has now been in the job for over a year and having inherited a talented group of players, he has improved significantly on Don Givens’ efforts as coach with some reasonable results. Ahead of Ireland’s under-21 game against Liechtenstein, it is worth looking at the wealth of talent which bubbles […]

On the Campaign Trail: Gay and Martin

Gay Mitchell, Irish Rover In between my attempts to be taken seriously as an academic, I’ve been trying to stay tuned into the developments of the Presidential election and the thing that has recently come to the fore, is the self-proclaimed “Street-Fighter” attitude of Fine Gael candidate Gay Mitchell. Mitchell, we are told, has now been let loose – like […]

What about those puppet shows, Gregory?

Gregory Campbell (Belfast Telegraph) So Gregory Campbell of the DUP has branded a Presbyterian minister a puppet for endorsing Sinn Féin’s Martin McGuinness. The gall of that Reverend, eh?  I mean, how dare a Protestant support a republican? He should know better – sure isn’t republicanism and nationalism just for Catholics, like? Our grafitti will show him. Such rash and […]

Do Yourself a Favour

If you really want to do yourself a favour, and you don’t quite know what to do, you can start by listening to a TED talk. It doesn’t matter what the subject matter is or who you are, you are bound to come away from the experience feeling different and I say this, not as a person who uses this […]

Armenia, the Dark Horses

From UEFA: Keith Fahey’s anomaly With just over a week left before the Republic of Ireland’s final games of the European Championships Qualification campaign, one hopes that Trapattoni and his men begin to grasp the importance of taking control of their destiny. At this stage, Ireland have relinquished control of their destiny – one dire performance after another means that […]

Wise Up, Gerry

Gerry Armstrong The IFA’s Elite Player Mentor, Gerry Armstrong, has issued a robust warning to those who are considering changing from the IFA to the FAI. He is urging them “to look before [they] leap”. In his recent newspaper column for the Sunday Life, Armstrong has penned his most embarrassing article to date, an article which is characterised by an […]

Citizen, or not?

President McGuinness? While the decision by Sinn Féin’s Martin McGuinness to stand in the presidential election will dominate the headlines (just how much derision will he face about his past?), an important issue will hopefully come to the fore. That is, the position of Irish citizens in the north. Through the years it feels like we’ve just about had lip-service […]