Like so many Derry City fans last night, I was delighted that Decky Devine’s men had secured their place in the Setanta Cup final at the expense of Shamrock Rovers. They now face an interesting tie at Windsor Park with Irish Premiership outfit Crusaders, who disposed of Sligo Rovers in a thrilling encounter, on Saturday May 12th. However, despite […]

 Rooney and Giggs argue with official Soon after Sylvain Distin’s terrible back-pass error which gifted Luis Suárez a goal in the 2012 FA Cup Semi Final, Séamus Coleman entered the fray, having been intensely briefed by David Moyes as to his role on the right wing. Presumably, Moyes must have felt that an injection of the Irishman’s boundless energy would […]

I came away from Derry’s game away to Sligo feeling like the Candystripes could have nicked a victory, but a draw at the Showgrounds is nothing to be sniffed at. As it stands, with seven games played, Derry sit in sixth position, six points behind Sligo and five behind Shamrock Rovers and with a series of difficult games to come […]

On Wednesday the 11th of April, UTV reported that a proposal to fly the Irish tricolour alongside the British flag at Stormont would be discussed as part of a debate on “good relations”. 14 years after the signing of the Good Friday Agreement – a document that is driven by the desire for “good relations” – and we’re still not […]

Rebuilding "the nation"

Just under a century on from the Easter Rising in Ireland, revisionism rears its head much more profoundly than ever as we saw politicians from all parties latch on to the momentous event, commemorating the men who fought and died so that Ireland might be freed from British rule, or in other words, vaunting dissident physical-force republicans. As Jude Collins […]

Derry City v Bohemians When I was younger I was a massive fan of Tottenham Hotspur. I’m not from North London, let alone England, but I was a supporter: I followed the fortunes of the team, watched their games when possible and bought (or rather received) replica shirts, which I wore with pride as I attempted to emulate my heroes […]

Who said this was about football?

Getting riled up to the point of spleen fulmination over the fortunes of one’s favourite football team, or worse those of a rival’s, is something that I will never fully understand. Despite the musing of former Liverpool manager Bill Shankly, football is not more important than a matter of life and death, let alone a matter of life and death […]

The Case of College Congestion

During the final year of my degree, I became seriously disillusioned with the university environment. A feeling of dread began to grip me on my walk into campus because I knew that swarms of rowdy, disinterested students would inevitably block the main concourse, making it extra difficult to get into lecture halls and class rooms. That temporary impediment wasn’t the […]

Nigel Dodds and "Injustice"

If the debate surrounding FIFA eligibility rules in Ireland didn’t exist, I’d probably have very little else to write about, but the topic rears its head time and time again. This time, the DUP’s Dodds couple (Nigel and Diane) have raised their concern in different political fora. At Westminster recently, Nigel spoke of how there existed an “injustice” that needed […]

Forget Harry, Pearce is the Man

Following a series of pitiful events, the English national team faces a bit of a crisis ahead of Euro 2012. Having endured the insult of the FA undermining his managerial authority in the discipline of alleged racist John Terry, Fabio Capello swiftly decided that he would resign. It would appear that the FA were not paying attention during The Godfather: […]