The YBIG Football Show

As much passion as Signor Trapattoni

EARLIER this week I was invited on to the You Boys in Green (YBIG) Football Show by Mr Dave O’Grady to give my views on Trapattoni’s squad selection for the European Championships and also, the sickening abuse received by James McClean on Twitter.

The show can be heard by clicking on this link: “The Team that Trap Built”

Also guest on the show was Daniel Collins, football writer and author of Player Eligibility in the Context of Ireland, as well as football writer Willie Gannon, John O’Neill and Joe from the famous Irish Abroad website.

Check it out! Well worth a listen!

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  1. Cheers for the mention!

    I must add, unfortunately my connection was playing up (sharing bandwidth with four others) so Dave had to make the best of what he could hear of my words. For example, I’m talking about Seamus Coleman at one point but the edit makes it sound like I’m referring to Liam Lawrence. Didn’t actually get opportunity to speak on the McClean issue then as it became so bad.

    Ah well; maybe another time!

  2. Ryan Kelly says:

    No bother.
    It was unfortunate that the quality of the line was an issue for you and Joe. Dave should be paying for flights and accommodation to bring us to his Dublin studio!

    Would be great to go on again in future – the upcoming senior games and under-21 games (interesting inclusion) might give scope for discussion.

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