Hey, that’s OUR money!

Did you hear the news?

That’s right, some Derry “wan” won the lottery – “a cool €5,482,894” from a €12 ticket bought in Donegal.

Lucky bugger, aye, but that’s our lottery. What’s a bloody northerner doing crossing the border, using our Euros to buy things in our country? He shouldn’t have been in the country in the first place at all, never mind buying Lotto tickets.

We need to combat this lottery tourism. The cheek of those northerners; coming in and exploiting our National Lottery, you’d nearly think this was their country. Next, they’ll be looking for rights.

The government should establish Habitual Residence Conditions or something for playing the Lottery. It’s not right that northerners can come in and take our money. Why don’t they go and play the British Lottery?


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