The Gag that keeps on Giving

Steve Beaglehole It seems that the “eligibility row” is the gag that keeps on giving in Irish football these days. This time, it’s Northern Ireland’s under-21 manager Steve Beaglehole who has once again waded in with his insight, suggesting that more players will switch association now that Ireland have qualified for the 2012 European Championships and that he would like […]

Don’t tell British Associations what to do FIFA

Nothing political to see here So after much consternation and brouhaha, the English and Welsh FAs have been granted a compromise by FIFA which will see them wear an armband with a poppy rather than a poppy on the front of the shirt.Bravo, victory for the British associations. To think that FIFA were actually trying to tell the English FA […]

A Load of Poppycock!

The Poppy on England jacket After a wave of media reportage on the issue, British Prime Minister David Cameron has also issued a scathing attack on FIFA after the world football governing body remained steadfast in its decision to prohibit the English national team from wearing poppies on their shirts for the upcoming game against Spain.Cameron said: “This seems outrageous. […]

Once in Six, our luck has to change

Below is an article which appeared on SportsNews Ireland on 9/11/11. Since 1965, the Republic of Ireland have competed in 6 play-offs for qualification to the final stages of major tournaments and only once, have they been successful; a remarkable statistic indeed. It is often said that Ireland never make things easy and it is true that following the fortunes […]

Second Class Irish?

Token citizenship? During the past few months, I have developed a deep resentment of the nature in which I, as an Irish citizen, am treated by the establishment in the south. I have spoken to people in the public service, friends and colleagues, outlining how I feel discriminated against – that my Irish citizenship amounts to nothing more than a […]