What about those puppet shows, Gregory?

Gregory Campbell (Belfast Telegraph)

So Gregory Campbell of the DUP has branded a Presbyterian minister a puppet for endorsing Sinn Féin’s Martin McGuinness. The gall of that Reverend, eh?  I mean, how dare a Protestant support a republican? He should know better – sure isn’t republicanism and nationalism just for Catholics, like? Our grafitti will show him.

Such rash and frankly childish name calling is, of course, completely unnecessary and it makes one truly wonder as to the internal machinations of some people – it’s not new, but the point is that it never ceases to amaze. However, if anything, once more, it serves to expose the outright naivety of auld Gregory and others within unionism/loyalism.

Republicanism is not a sole refuge of Catholics, nor is unionism a sole refuge of Protestants and anyone with the slightest interest in Irish society through the years will know that. Perhaps auld Gregory is worried that it might become fashionable or something, that people might not feel bound to an ideology because of their spiritual outlook. Imagine that now, religion not necessarily dictating one’s politics.

That’d be the day.

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