All Hail Tom Elliott, Martyr

To paraphrase Alan Partridge,
he looks like an evil headmaster
In recent days, the media has seen fit to give coverage to the fact that the Orange Order may punish two of its high-profile members for attending a Catholic funeral ceremony. Those two members are Ulster Unionist politicians, Danny Kennedy and Tom Elliott.
Interestingly however, Tom Elliott is being portrayed as a martyr, who does the “honourable thing”, because he’s an outstanding leader and an all-round down-to-earth nice guy. “No regrets”, says he.
It would be rather easy to get sucked into the atmosphere of righteousness if one resided in a bubble, but two things in particular come to mind, aside from the fact that all he did was attend a funeral.
Firstly, let’s not forget that Tom Elliott is actually a member of the Orange Order – a zealous and archaic religious institution which actually resembles a twisted type of old boys’ club not too dissimilar to the club in the children’s classic, Little Rascals.
Secondly, we should remember that this is the same man whose so-called brilliant leadership involves childishly branding his political opponents and their supporters as “scum” for mildly celebrating electoral success with cheers and flag-waving.
Lovely guy right? Pure martyr.
He went to the funeral of a Catholic policeman. Big deal.

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  1. Jude Collins says:

    On the head is where you’ve hit it, Ryan. The problem is the OO, not two guys keen on some political kudos who attended a cop’s funeral. Do they disapprove of more than one OO rule? Maybe they should resign …But no talk of that.

  2. Ryan Kelly says:

    Thanks, Jude. The thing that is particularly annoying is how eager Elliott is to champion himself. Kerr becomes a pawn in his political agenda.

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