Do Yourself a Favour

If you really want to do yourself a favour, and you don’t quite know what to do, you can start by listening to a TED talk. It doesn’t matter what the subject matter is or who you are, you are bound to come away from the experience feeling different and I say this, not as a person who uses this […]

Armenia, the Dark Horses

From UEFA: Keith Fahey’s anomaly With just over a week left before the Republic of Ireland’s final games of the European Championships Qualification campaign, one hopes that Trapattoni and his men begin to grasp the importance of taking control of their destiny. At this stage, Ireland have relinquished control of their destiny – one dire performance after another means that […]

Wise Up, Gerry

Gerry Armstrong The IFA’s Elite Player Mentor, Gerry Armstrong, has issued a robust warning to those who are considering changing from the IFA to the FAI. He is urging them “to look before [they] leap”. In his recent newspaper column for the Sunday Life, Armstrong has penned his most embarrassing article to date, an article which is characterised by an […]

Citizen, or not?

President McGuinness? While the decision by Sinn Féin’s Martin McGuinness to stand in the presidential election will dominate the headlines (just how much derision will he face about his past?), an important issue will hopefully come to the fore. That is, the position of Irish citizens in the north. Through the years it feels like we’ve just about had lip-service […]

Gerry "Mainland" Armstrong

Gerry Armstrong, “Catholic Player Mentor” Did you ever hear the one about “poaching”? That’s right, the one where elements within the IFA and hordes of Northern Ireland fans propounded the notion that their neighbouring association, the FAI, was involved in nefarious activity around the football pitches of the north. Apparently scouts were sneaking into football grounds draped in their FAI […]

Grizzly Madman

Treadwell and Huguenard Last night I watched Werner Herzog’s documentary film, Grizzly Man. It tells the tale of Timothy Treadwell, full-time lunatic and bear-lover, who spent a remarkable 13 summers living in a tent near Grizzly Bears in Alaska, before meeting his demise at the jaws of a hungry bear. His girlfriend, Amie Huguenard, who was with him, was also […]

All Hail Tom Elliott, Martyr

To paraphrase Alan Partridge,he looks like an evil headmaster In recent days, the media has seen fit to give coverage to the fact that the Orange Order may punish two of its high-profile members for attending a Catholic funeral ceremony. Those two members are Ulster Unionist politicians, Danny Kennedy and Tom Elliott. Interestingly however, Tom Elliott is being portrayed as […]

Speaking in Tongues

Being woken at 4:30am by the startling sound of the bin crashing to the ground and the rubbish making its escape on the howling wind isn’t comforting. I simply couldn’t sleep with the prospect of the two entirely full bins littering the street, so I got up and brought them into the back garden. As I made my way into […]

From Russia with… Hope.

Richard Dunne is the kind of player you want in your team. He’s a fearless warrior who leads by example, inspiring his comrades to rise above their stations and his all-action performance in Moscow consolidates his position in the pantheon of Irish sporting legends. Even the great Paul McGrath has bowed in respect of his efforts. However, the result of […]

The Irish always talk a good game, but the gift of the gab won’t prevent defeat in Moscow. Actions speak louder than words, after all. In the headlines, Richard Dunne solemnly promises the fans a repeat of that performance in Paris, 2009. A game which, one hastens to add, finished 1-1, with Ireland missing out on a place in the […]