Be careful not to get trampled I made my way through the herds of alcohol drenched zombies, glancing occasionally through the open bar doors that allowed the potent mixture of poor live band sounds and drunken rambling to filter out into the street, momentarily crippling my ear drums. Gaggling groups of girls would gingerly navigate their path through the hysteria […]

Former Derry City and current Sunderland player, James McClean It’s an issue that was seemingly resolved in the summer of 2010, but the practice of Irish nationals playing for the Irish national team (that is, the FAI) amazingly continues to incite a capricious whirlwind of hysterical furore. Over a year later and there still exists a hardcore element of the […]

Born Cynic?

I was ruffling through a selection of old files and folders from my first year at college and came across a short piece of writing which made me chuckle. The cynicism runs so deep in me, that it is quite difficult to discern whether I actually possess an inherent hateful disposition, or if it was learned from a young age. […]